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The North Coast region of Tasmania has some of the most beautiful coastline areas and things that you must see and do.  It is also known to have some of the primmest farmland in the state, with a rich history of agricultural, horticultural and aquaculture. 

This region, along its coastline, has some of the best swimming and surfing beaches.  Inland you can find a range of day and multi-day walks, waterfalls, lookouts and more. Towns such as Sheffield are also popular as an artists hub and is the gateway and best starting point to Cradle Mountain; only a 60 - 70 minute drive from the coast (Devonport area).





Cradle Mountain has long since been one of Tasmania's most loved and iconic tourist destinations. Only a 60-70 minute drive from Devonport and the Spirit of Tasmania, the national park features a range of different day walks and is also the beginning of the Internationally known Overland Track. Starting from the Cradle Mountain visitor centre, there are public toilets and places to stay and eat nearby. The Cradle Mountain- Lake St Clair National Park is also home to many local Tasmanian native animals.

Distance from Devonport:  1hr: 13mins (car)

Distance from Launceston: 1hr: 55mins (car)

Distance from Hobart: 4hrs (Car)

Distance from Devonport:   30 mins (car)



Making up a part of your road-trip to Cradle Mountain from the North-West Coast, this lookout proudly showcases the Kentish Region. From this viewing stop, the view looks out across Lake Barrington, the Kentish countryside towards Mount Roland.


Popular tourist destinations nearby include the artist's township of Sheffield and Kimberley's Lookout. For those looking for a great day hike in the area, Mount Roland also has two main walks up to the top.


Distance from Devonport: 30 minutes  


TURNERS BEACH. North-West Tasmania

Turners Beach is one of the locals' favourite beach destinations in the North-West area near Devonport. Only located ten minutes drive from Devonport, the sandy white beach stretches a reasonable distance from the mouth of the Forth River to the west. It is the perfect place for a swim with its picturesque white sand and ocean, or just relaxing and taking a stroll.


The small town of Turners Beach is also a popular destination/hub for holiday goers - shack location - with two notable local cafes in the area. Turners Beach is only a short distance from the scenic drive past Lillico Beach Conservation Area and the Fairy Penguin Lookout, and a five-minute drive up to Braddons Lookout and the village of Forth.


If you are arriving in Tasmania via the Spirit of Tasmania, or travelling through to Stanley/Tarkine, Cradle Mountain, or back towards Launceston, stop in and enjoy our top things to do in the Forth Valley region.

Distance from Devonport:  10mins (car)

Distance from Launceston: 1hr: 15mins (car)

Distance from Hobart: 3hrs: 21mins (Car)




Only 10 minutes drive from the city of Devonport, this picturesque coastline area is home to some of Tasmania's Fairy Penguin colony. A penguin viewing platform sits above the rocky beach area, amongst the penguin's habitat when they return home to nest and breed. During these months they can be sited if visitors are patient and quiet. Local guides are also available during this time. 

Even if the Penguins are away outside of their breeding season, the views here are stunning. Well worth the visit, with plenty more to see and do in the region. 

Distance from Devonport:  10mins (car)

Distance from Launceston: 1hr: 12mins (car)

Distance from Hobart: 3hrs: 14mins (Car)


BRADDONS LOOKOUT. North-West Tasmania

Quickly tucked away above the village of Forth, Braddons Lookout is one of our favourite, and mostly unknown, lookout that gives expansive views across the Forth-River region. Forth valley is the centre of the north-west coast, and was one of the earliest areas settled in Tasmania in the area. Local cafes, historical buildings and beaches only lie minutes away from this destination, including the main city of Devonport and the port of the Spirit of Tasmania. 

Braddons Lookout is the perfect place to stop at before continuing on to Cradle Mountain (60 minutes drive to the south), The Nut in Stanley and the West Coast

Distance from Devonport:  12mins (car)

Distance from Launceston: 1hr: 15mins (car)

Distance from Hobart: 3hrs: 25mins (Car)


DON RIVER CIRCUIT. North-West Tasmania

Along the Don River and past Coles Beach to the Bluff Lighthouse are a series of recreation tracks. Used regularly by locals for walking, running and cycling, this is a fantastic opportunity to explore the natural fauna and flora along the Don River and the coast of Devonport Region.. Along the route, visitors will pass Devonport's recently upgraded Aquatic Centre, historical railway to Devonport's two main beaches forming along the Devonport coast-line - Coles Beach and The Bluff, Mersey River and Devonport's CBD.

Devonport is also becoming known, in these areas, for it's active local population, community boot-camps, running groups and more, as well as sports and recreational facilities (tennis, surf club, aquatic centre and more), local in the area. 

Distance from Devonport:  5mins (car)

Distance from Launceston: 1hr: 8mins (car)

Distance from Hobart: 3hrs: 15mins (car)


MOUNT ROLAND Sheffield. Tasmania

Sitting proudly in the Kentish region in Tasmania's North-West, Mount Roland can be seen from different directions, kilometres away. Forming the northern end of the Western Tiers, views from on top are incredible; including views across Bass Straight and back towards Cradle Mountain. Two tracks will take you up; the Face Track (for experienced climbers) and O'Neills Road track at the back. 

Hike duration will take visitors around 5-6 hours return, but is well work the hike. Make sure you set aside a full day for the adventure, and check the weather before leaving. 

If you return back down the mountain in good time, Sheffield is only a 20-25 minutes drive away as the closest town to sit back and enjoy a coffee or something to eat. 

Distance from Devonport:  52mins (car)

Distance from Launceston: 1hr: 30mins (car)

Distance from Hobart: 3hrs: 37mins (Car)



SHEFFIELD. North-West Tasmania

The town of Sheffield, settled in 1859, is a historical centre for the Kentish Region. Most well-known for it's painted murals on the side of it's towns buildings and the Mural Fest (a competition where artists, once a year, spend a week painting outside in the towns centre), the surrounding countryside has also long-since been home to local agricultural farms.

Sheffield is also on the way towards Mount Roland and Cradle Mountain. If you are staying in Launceston or near Devonport, and planning to stay at Cradle Mountain, spend a day in the Sheffield region visiting the multiple tourist attractions in the area. 

Distance from Devonport:  30mins (car)

Distance from Launceston: 1hr: 4mins (car)

Distance from Hobart: 3hrs: 11mins (Car)


LAKE BARRINGTON. North-West Tasmania

Lake Barrington lies only 20 minutes away from Sheffield and is regularly used by rowers during competitions, swimmers and locals water-skiing. The lake also has lawns and BBQ areas for visitors.

Distance from Devonport:  38mins (car)

Distance from Launceston: 1hr: 41mins (car)

Distance from Hobart: 3hrs: 50mins (Car)


NORTH-WEST. Tasmania

Tugged away in the farmland of Tasmania's north-west, travelling to Cradle Mountain you may not realise what you are missing. Only 49 minutes from Devonport, Leven Canyon proudly showcases some of Tasmania's best temperate forest. 


Walk to lookout: An easy 20 minutes return, or choose the 45-minute return circuit walking the track. 


Offers spectacular views down to the River Leven, quiet and beauty temperate forest walks and an enjoyable road-trip on the way.

Distance from Devonport:  52mins (car)

Distance from Launceston: 1hr: 53mins (car)

Distance from Hobart: 3hrs: 59mins (Car)