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Tasmania is the island state at the bottom of Australia or below Victoria. Isolated from mainland Australia, Tasmania's prides itself of rich colonial history, local produce and fine wine and foods, and it's natural beauty. 

The climate in Tasmania varies from region to region, and different times of the year. Tasmania can be reached either by vehicle and passenger ferry or plane into each of the four main cities.

Tasmania . Our location in Australia

Tasmania is one of Australia's six states, most known as the second state to be settled by the British in its early settlement beginnings. Tasmania is famous for its natural wilderness, rich  history and culture. Tasmania is located at the southern end of Australia, off the coast of the state of Victoria, Australia. 


Tasmania . Getting Here

Tasmania is an island state of Australia located at the southern end of Australia, or below the state of Victoria. There are two ways of getting to Tasmania, either by plane or boat.


Depending on the nature of your trip, the main mode of travel to and from the state by boat is via plane. If you do not need to take your vehicle over to Tasmania, flying is also a great way to travel to the island state. Tasmania has three major airports; Hobart (Southern Region), Launceston (North-East Region) and Devonport Airport (North Region). Depending on your planned itinerary, all major airlines (Qantas, Virgin and Jetstar) are available.


If preferred and in particular, if you plan on bringing your own vehicle, the Spirit of Tasmania is the main ferry operating between mainland Australia and Tasmania. Two vehicle ferries operated between the Port of Melbourne and Devonport, located in Tasmania's north-west region. The two boats operate each night, and during summer run day crossings and have a large vehicle and passenger capacity to meet your travelling needs.

Spirit of Tasmania


The ferry is an excellent solution if you plan on bringing your vehicle. The Spirit of Tasmania travels from Port Melbourne in the state of Victoria, to Devonport in the north-west of Tasmania. 


Fares will depend on the time of the year. Sailings are available from both cities each evening, with additional day trips commonly during the summer months.


The Spirit of Tasmania has a range of accommodation options including private and shared cabins and recliner seats.

The ferry can also fit motorbikes, cars and up to large trucks. 

Spirit of Tasmania






Travelling to Tasmania via plane is one of the most economic and flexible ways of getting here. Our most popular Airports are to our two largest cities, Hobart in the South and Launceston in the north.


Tasmania's main airlines are Qantas, Virgin Australia and Jetstar Airways.


If you are planning on starting your trip in the north-west region of Tasmania, there are also two other airports at Devonport and Burnie.


Hobart International Airport

Launceston Regional Airport

Devonport Regional Airport

Burnie Regional Airport

Transport around Tasmania

Due to Tasmania being a regional state, public transport is limited outside of its main cities (Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie). For transport in each CBD, local Metro buses are available, with their travel routes and times of their website. Hobart and Launceston have public transport to and from the main Airports as well, along with local taxi services in each major city as well. 

Outside of the main cities, travel via your own car or a hired one is the main option. Tasmania has a number of rental car and van options. Two daily coach companies also operate between Burnie, Launceston and Hobart. 

International Travellers

If you travelling to Tasmania from outside of Australia, your entry into the country will be via one of Australia's main international Airports (i.e. Melbourne, Sydney). Entry into Australia will require a current passport and visa.

Flights onward to Tasmania are via the domestic terminals into one of our local airports.

Cruise Ships

Tasmania's has two main cruise ports which regular have visiting cruise ships; Hobart, Tasmania's capital in the south, and Burnie in the north-west of the state. 



Burnie - Devonport                                   34 mins (Car)

Devonport - Launceston                            1hr : 8 mins (Car)

Launceston - Hobart                                  2hr : 22 mins (Car)

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